Affiliate Marketing is a mutual partnership between companies and affiliates. Companies offer affiliate programs that allow commissions on the sale of products and earn commissions through unique links. Affiliate Marketing helps businesses and affiliates increase their income equally. Businesses can set up a custom affiliate program on a WordPress site. Affiliate promoters can use other affiliate plugins to organize and monitor their affiliate links. This article discusses the criteria for good affiliate plugins and lists the best options for merchants and affiliates.


Best WordPress affiliate marketing plugins are:


  1. WP Affiliate Manager:

Premium WordPress affiliate plugin is compared to such affiliate or solid affiliate when it offers free package.

  • Main features –
  1. A Customized affiliate registration form
  2. High adjustment with other plugins.
  3. Automated Affiliate System.
  4. Real-Time Reporting.


  1. Unlimited Affiliate Pro:

Ultimate Affiliate Pro is a popular affiliate plugin of code anion.

  • Main Features –
  1. Custom Awards and Affiliate Slugs – gives users a personalized experience.
  2. Different payment metrics. Pay the affiliates based on multiple metrics.
  3. Custom Commission and Currency.
  4. Users can also give specific bonuses of affiliates with repeat referrals.


  1. Adsanity:

Adsanity is a unique plugin that helps website owners generate consistent monthly income from affiliate marketing efforts. AdSanity works as an ad display plugin. It is the perfect addition to your affiliate marketing strategy.

  • Main Features—
  1. Self-hosted banner ads can be easily grouped and placed
  2. AdSanity makes perfect sense for website owners who use their affiliate banner images as advertisements with special placement on their site.
  3. It is the perfect tool for website owners who uses Google Adsense to complement their income.
  4. It may display advertisements dynamically without editing WordPress theme files.
  5. Shows complete graphical statistics for individual advertising. By this, you can select a date range to see custom reports for specific ads.



Yith Woocommerce Affiliates is the best WordPress plugin for e-commerce business. This user-friendly powerful affiliate management tool is a nice option for store owners.

  • Main Features –
  1. Real-time referral monitoring.
  2. Affiliate registration, and commission help to get email updates for pay-outs and withdrawal requests.


  1. Pretty Link:

Beautiful links are a popular affiliate link management plugin for WordPress, which is trusted by most websites.

  • Main Features-
  1. This is you adding links to your WordPress posts easily
  2. Small and memorable affiliate URLs for social media
  3. Automatically enabling linked links to specific keywords allow you to set up redirections. The beautiful link shows detailed links to your WordPress admin dashboard.


  1. Thirstyfield Choice:

Another powerful affiliate link management is Thirstyefytes WordPress which allowed you to easily in WordPress Admin Dashboard lets the links to handle.

  • Main Feature-
  1. You can quickly insert links to posts, and click links. Even for each link to your site lets see how to perform.


Affiliate marketing is a sheen way to earn money from your website.

Various affiliate plugins you can use to scale your business and no matter the size of your website, you can use them to efficiently manage all your affiliate links on your site. A company’s product is broadcasted in exchange for the commission by affiliate marketing.