Refund Policy for Website Development

  • The client is required to pay 35% of the total project cost prior to starting of the project.
  • If the client claims refund of the deposit amount of the project within the first week of the work, then the deposited amount will be paid after deducting 30-40% amount after 2 months.
  • If the client claims refund of the deposit amount of the project within the first week of the work and if the company completes 25% of the first instalment work within the first week, then in this case company may not refund any deposited amount to the client.
  • Once the project is developed(Functionality) and the full amount is paid off(Or Partially) then if the client claims the full amount(Or Partially), then the company is not liable to refund any amount.
  • Once the project is fully ready and complete, the company will deliver the project to the client. From the project delivery day to the next 15 days, the company will keep the backup of the project data for these 15 days. Once 15 days are over, the company will not be responsible for any data loss. If any portion/functionality of the project is damaged/lost after 15 days then if the client wants to recover it from the company, then it will be chargeable.
  • When the project is complete and delivered, then the company will not charge any amount for services in the next 6 months (T&C - 7).
  • For the first 6 months from the delivery of the project, the client can avail 2 times free services per month which means a total of 12 times for 6 months (Changes like Website speed, content upload, fonts, etc. are free). Extra services/business-logic changes on the delivered project are chargeable.
  • Sova computer is not liable for any hosting and server related issues.
  • If a person refers our services to a new client, then the person will be rewarded a commission of 10% of the total amount the client pays for one time.

Refund Policy For SEO

  • 10. SEO service is not refundable but if the target that was set in the beginning is not achieved after 6 months of continuous service, then the amount may be refunded (T&C – 11 applied).
  • 11. If 50% of the targeted keywords are ranked in the first page (somewhere in the 10th Position) then no amount is refundable.

Refund Policy for Graphics Design

  • 12. Design suggestions from the client will be 4 times but after that, for any change should be chargeable.

Project Development Delivery Policy

  • 13. After Development Site Owner needs to check this site in the development server, and if found any issues please inform the development authority. The complete Development Site will be moved to the live server and before moving to the live server needs to clear the due amount related to the website. The site needs to move from the development server to the live server within the next 7 days after completion. for an extra day is chargeable 250(INR) per day(Non-Negotiable, it is also aplicable- After moved a site from development server to live server, on rest amount or due amount. (when client is unable to pay the total amount at a time, and make an part payment instedof full payment, to move the site from dev to live server.), if data will be lost or deleted (between that 7 day or later on development server) then the company authority will not be liable for any kind of situation, all this issue goes to the client or site owner for his/her unprofessional behavior

Project Development Delivery Policy

  • 14. After Completing development in the live server, Users need to activate his/her 3 months of free service time by filled the service form and validating with SOVA. Without activate no free service/maintenance will provide by SOVA For more contact with SOVA.