Sova Computer is a leading Node Js development company in India. NodeJS is an open-source framework used by many big companies. A server-side platform built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript V8 engine. The engine takes the JavaScript code and converts it into faster machine code. It is essential to have some basic knowledge of JavaScript to build a Node Js based website. One of the best features of NodeJS is its fast code execution. NodeJS is asynchronous that means instead of waiting for returned data, the server moves on to the next call. The framework never buffers any data while outputs data in chunks. It is highly scalable and single-threaded which means it can provide a much larger number of services than traditional servers.

Why Node.JS for Web/App Development?

1.It is an open-source framework under MIT license. (MIT license is a free software license originating at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology -MIT)
2.It uses JavaScript for building entire server side application.
3.It is a lightweight framework that includes bare minimum modules. However, other modules can be included as per the need of an application.
4.It is asynchronous by default. So it performs faster than other frameworks.
5.Cross-platform framework that means it runs on MAC, Windows, or Linux OS


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