Tanmoy Das

Jn. Digital Marketing

Hello, I am Tanmoy Das and a Trainee Digital Marketer at SOVA Computer. With my passion for digital media and interest in marketing, I am excited to learn and gain experience in this field as a Trainee. As a Trainee, I have a basic understanding of digital marketing concepts and am eager to learn new strategies and tactics to help businesses succeed in the online marketplace. With my attention to detail and dedication to quality, I am committed to producing high-quality work that meets the needs of my team and clients. As a team player, I enjoy collaborating with other digital marketers and stakeholders to develop effective digital marketing campaigns. I am a self-motivated and proactive individual who is always looking for opportunities to improve my skills and knowledge in digital marketing. I am excited to be starting my career as a Trainee in Digital Marketing and am eager to contribute to the success of my team and projects.

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