Pritam Ghosh

Trainee Developer

Hello, I am Pritam Ghosh from Barasat Kolkata, and I am a Trainee Developer. With my passion for coding and interest in software development, I am excited to gain experience in the field as a Trainee Developer. As a Trainee, I possess a basic understanding of programming languages and am eager to learn new technologies and programming concepts. With my attention to detail and dedication to quality, I am committed to producing high-quality work that meets the needs of my team and clients. As a team player, I enjoy collaborating with other developers and stakeholders to solve complex problems and bring new ideas to life. I am a self-motivated and proactive individual who is always looking for opportunities to improve my skills and knowledge in software development. I am excited to be starting my career as a Trainee Developer and am eager to contribute to the success of my team and projects.

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